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Our Company

We are an established, dynamic company with long-standing, extensive and professional experience in the areas of dealing and trading in horses.

The many aspects of horse dealing (trading and breaking in of horses) has recently become of much greater interest to the Arabian world. The horse business is booming and the desire to own a horse is increasing exponentially. This has resulted in a growing demand for horses and riding equipment. Many companies and suppliers want to take advantage of this development in order to supply the demand.

The internet lacks a good and clearly structured site for the horse trade. We have made it our business to fill this gap by way of offering a platform which brings supplier and customer together and thus boost the international trade of horses.

Why is an online market necessary?
The internet is steadily increasing in popularity and constantly expanding into new areas. Every year millions of users surf the internet searching for the ideal horse, the right coach, the suitable saddle etc. By these means several purchases are processed and contacts between service suppliers are established.

Gulf Horses is the largest online market place in the Arabian world!
You will find an extensive number of attractive horses from various areas for sale, as well as equipment and suppliers. Our website provides a clear, fast overview.

You can make use of these advantages too!


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